MINNEAPOLIS — Banner Engineering introduced its Clean Workspace Monitoring System, an easy-to-implement solution, for establishing scheduled workspace sanitizing as an integral part of the return-to-work process. Bright, high-visibility indicators located at workstations notify staff to pause production and implement their designated cleaning procedure — creating a data log and resetting the status indicator until the next cleaning interval.

“Clean workstations are essential to employee safety and productivity,” said Todd Hanson, senior product line director, Banner Engineering. “Our visual solution prompts employees when to clean removing language barriers found on the factory floor, minimizing disruption to overall productivity, and the cleaning sequence is data logged for positive verification and compliance.”

The Clean Workspace Monitoring System installs with minimal effort and does not require alteration to the workstation or area infrastructure. The wireless operator interface and indicator are rated IP65 and designed for repeated, aggressive cleaning procedures. All activities generate data that is collected and compiled for compliance reporting and documentation of sanitation practices. For more information, visit www.bannerengineering.com/safeworksolutions.