SCARBOROUGH, Ontario, Canada — Armstrong Fluid Technology has unveiled two new COMPASS R high-efficiency models with ECM motor technology for up to 80% energy savings.

Featuring an air-cooled ECM motor and advanced Design Envelope variable speed technology, the new COMPASS R20-35 and R40-45 circulators can replace many competing models with bolt-for-bolt connection capability. The new COMPASS R models cover a wide performance range and are energy efficient upgrades for two- and three-piece wet rotor circulators.

Other features of the new circulators include:

• Posi-Start technology for smooth starting and automatic de-blocking;

• Multiple control options including a patented ‘Auto’ mode;

• Optimized hydraulics with dry rotor design;

• Easy selection of appropriate flow and pressure to meet system demand;

• Easy-to-read control panel; and

• Electrical terminal box designed for quick installation.


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