SCHOFIELD, Wis. — Model ECV-40 is the latest addition to Greenheck’s energy core ventilator (ECV) line. The ECV-40’s new design features a dual-fan arrangement consisting of direct drive mixed-flow plenum fans with variable frequency drives (VFDs) replacing the forward-curved fan typically found in energy core ventilators. The mixed flow fan, a hybrid between an axial propeller and centrifugal fan, reduces brake horsepower requirements by up to 50%. The VFDs facilitate ease of balancing at startup. Sound power levels are reduced, and no belts make maintenance easy.

The ECV-40 is available with Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)-certified fiber (-FM) or polymer (-PM) membrane cores with an airflow capacity up to 5,000 cfm. Optimized to ensure the best unit performance in the smallest footprint available, the ECV-40 features double wall construction and optional hinged access with additional options for frost/economizer and stand-alone microprocessor controls. 

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