I hope all is well with you personally and professionally. 

First, I want to personally thank you for everything you’ve done, and continue to do, during this challenging time. Maintaining and enhancing the built environment is certainly an essential skill, and whether that work is being completed from afar or inside clients’ facilities, it’s still getting done. Consulting and specifying engineers nationwide have stepped up to the plate and delivered on behalf of the comfort of others. 

Despite distancing restrictions and health risks, HVAC manufacturers continue to work tirelessly to innovate the solutions necessary to keep facilities large and small safe and comfortable and contractors continue to deliver, day in and day out, the solutions necessary to keep America comfortable. We at Engineered Systems thank you very much for your dedication. 

I have a very important and exciting announcement to share on behalf of BNP Media, parent company of Engineered Systems. 

All BNP Media magazines that utilize a controlled circulation model, which includes Engineered Systems, are transitioning to a digital-only approach. The June issue of Engineered Systems will be the final issue you receive in your physical mailbox. 

And, while you may not receive the print magazine in your mailbox, the traditional magazine layout and format will continue to be available in your email inboxes via our monthly digital editions. 

While these digital editions will retain the look and presentation of their print predecessors, they will offer various interactive features, such as audible articles that may be read out loud, podcast interviews, video recaps, and more. 

And while our digital editions will become the hallmark way in which we package our material, it certainly won’t be the only vehicle, as we will continue to deliver multilayered content via our e-newsletters, webinars, social media channels, infographics, and more.  

Why Make This Change?

BNP Media has made this decision for several reasons.

  1. The transition away from print is a trend that has been occurring in the publishing industry for quite some time. Other media brands, including InformationWeek, Computerworld, Seventeen, Glamour, Playboy, and many more, have embraced a digital-only approach.
  2. And while this digitalization plan has been in place for several months, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated BNP Media’s timeline.
  3. Ultimately, digital deployment is the safest, quickest, and cleanest way to deliver our content, and we believe this transition will grant our readers better access to the content that’s most important to them. 
  4. This digital-first approach will allow us to publish news, products, and feature articles quicker and in greater detail through the use of living, breathing, real-time production we’re unable to deliver on the printed page. 

Sign Up for the Digital Edition Today!

To start receiving our digital edition, hover your mouse over the Magazine tab, select digital edition, and click subscribe prompt near the top of the page. 

As we work to make this transition as seamless as possible, I invite you to continue to visit www.esmagazine.com each and every day for the latest breaking news, product announcements, feature articles, podcasts, videos, and more.

Being published in Engineered Systems is a valuable personal and professional opportunity. We appreciate your partnership and truly feel this customer-centric transition will further allow us to engage new subscribers and deepen the relationships we have with existing ones.

If you have any questions regarding this digital transition, or anything at all regarding Engineered Systems, don’t hesitate to connect with me at woerpelh@bnpmedia.com

We appreciate your continued support. Thanks again for all you do on behalf of the industry. From my family to yours, please stay safe out there.