ORLANDO, Fla. — A tremendous rise in commercial construction is reshaping the skylines of major cities across North America, with Xylem Bell & Gossett’s systems expertise helping to equip the buildings of the future with sustainable, advanced hydronic HVAC and plumbing system solutions.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, commercial construction spending in the U.S. topped $93 billion in 2018 — levels not seen since 2008 — with cities from New York to Los Angeles unveiling architectural marvels and promoting a new era of sustainability, from the highest building west of the Mississippi River in Los Angeles to the tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere in Manhattan. Likewise, there are more than 600 commercial buildings under construction or slated for development in Toronto as population is booming in the fourth largest city in North America.

"Cities in every region of North America are continually evolving, and Bell & Gossett is helping the market grow by meeting the new needs of commercial building users," said Tom Haffner, director of marketing — Commercial Buildings Americas, Xylem. "With more than a century of experience in HVAC and plumbing solutions, Bell & Gossett provides architects, engineers, and facility professionals the technology and expertise needed to keep pace with the changing design, use and operation of today's structures."

Bell & Gossett’s network of manufacturer’s representatives possesses component and system knowledge combined with a commitment to customer service to solve facility challenges with Bell & Gossett products, city by city and project by project, including: 

  • B&G Detroit rep R.L. Deppmann helped devise a new plumbing system for a development in what was a long-vacant building once destined for demolition to ensure the smart use of water throughout the Westin’s new ecofriendly boutique Element Hotel.
  • For the new Harvard District Energy Facility, which focused on the smart use of energy, Bell & Gossett products were selected to help achieve energy goals by B&G’s Boston rep, FIA.
  • B&G Chicago rep Bornquist has been involved with the Chicago Department of Aviation’s multiyear, multiphase improvement project to O’Hare International Airport’s mechanical systems, which now boasts one of the largest heat and recovery plants in the world, and features Bell & Gossett pumps.


“Our trusted representatives work closely with Bell & Gossett engineers and project partners to ensure hydronic systems meet the goals of each unique project — from delivering reliable pumping power to saving space in mechanical rooms to meeting energy targets — and providing occupant comfort for years to come,” Haffner said. “Bell & Gossett is proud to be associated with some of the most innovative and iconic commercial buildings of our time.”

Bell & Gossett pumps, valves, heat exchangers, and accessories for plumbing, wastewater, and HVAC applications are at work in numerous marquee project across the country, from state-of-the-art health-care and educational facilities to sports stadiums to hotels and high-rise buildings, including these select projects:


For more information, visit http://bellgossett.com/bg-solves-buildings.