MORTON GROVE, Ill. — Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, has launched the Series e-82 Twin Vertical In-Line Centrifugal Pump, expanding its offering of energy-efficient pumping solutions. The Series e-82 line delivers about 40% space savings for parallel pumping installations and provides energy-efficient pumping for commercial HVAC and plumbing applications, making it ideal for parallel staging or back-up capacity.

“The e-82 twin pump offers parallel pumping without larger headers and additional isolation valves,” said Alan Jones, Bell & Gossett director, global residential and CBS/HVAC Americas product management. “And its space-saving design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. The pump also features sensorless control and variable speed integrated drive options to maximize energy savings.”

The Series e-82 pump has stainless impellers to improve sustainable hydraulic performance, resist chemicals, and reduce corrosion. The pump’s built-in mechanical seal chamber and a flexible stainless steel braided hose ensures seal cooling and lubrication. A compact footprint also facilitates easy installation and maintenance with a back pull-out design allowing the removal of the impeller, seal, and motor without disconnecting the piping system. The Series e-82 is also designed for easy retrofit installations with flange to flange compatibility to the Bell & Gossett Series 80 legacy pumps.

The Series e-82 provides a wide hydraulic range with 22 models (11 split-coupled and close-coupled models each) and features a changeover valve for the option to operate pumps separately or in parallel. In parallel mode, the pumps can handle flows up to 1,600 gpm with head up to 130 feet total dynamic head (TDH) and 175 psi standard.

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