ST. LOUIS — Emerson has introduced the Copeland Indoor Modular Solution, an all-in-one food retail refrigeration system that combines reliable Copeland Scroll™ variable-speed compressors with Emerson’s ProAct™ Connect+ enterprise management software and life cycle services.

Designed for display cases and other food retail applications in stores using distributed architectures, the unit provides seamless integration of refrigeration equipment into facility controls to unlock the full potential of data management. It offers an efficient, small-footprint and low-maintenance alternative to traditional large, centralized systems. This system also helps store owners and operators who rely on multiple vendors and integrate different brands in the pursuit of an efficient, connected store.

“As consumer trends prompt food retailers to rethink store formats, adaptability and square footage are becoming ever-more valuable commodities,” said Sai Krishnan, vice president, solutions integration and electronics, Emerson. “Manufacturers and retailers are seeking alternatives to traditional one-size-fits-all centralized architectures. In response, we’ve introduced this indoor modular solution, which offers a low-cost, small-footprint, and low-maintenance alternative. It’s specifically designed to help retailers quickly and successfully deploy distributed architectures.”

The Copeland Indoor Modular Solution offers:

•           Plug-in refrigeration flexibility for fast development cycles and rollout of stores;

•           Lower-GWP and highly energy-efficient refrigeration for improved operations;

•           Low profile and quiet system for enhanced in-store customer experiences;

•           Advanced electronics with seamless integration into facility controls for data management; and

•           Enterprise services-enabled platform with remote monitoring that can help owners and operators manage food quality and safety.


“This product offers what Emerson refers to as the ‘six S’s’ — sustainable, simple, stable, serviceable, secure, and smart,” said Diego Marafon, refrigeration scroll product manager, Emerson. “It thereby elevates the industry standard by helping customers meet their critical operating objectives for full-store performance and maintenance optimization, food quality and safety, and an optimal in-store shopping experience.”

As sustainability objectives and regulatory drivers continue to push the market to lower-GWP refrigerants and refrigeration systems with higher energy efficiency, this solution provides a foundational infrastructure upon which future sustainability improvements can be expanded.

The Copeland Indoor Modular Solution delivers value across the cold chain. Original equipment manufacturers can benefit from Emerson’s superior refrigeration products and expertise, while end users can gain access to comprehensive support throughout a store’s life cycle, including systems integration, commissioning, maintenance, and aftermarket services. For more information on Emerson’s HVACR technologies, visit: