GERMANTOWN, Wis. — WAGO extended its family of PFC200 Generation 2 controllers with the release of the new 750-8215. The 750-8215 is IIoT-ready, comes with two Ethernet ports, two PROFINET ports, and is programmable with WAGO’s e!COCKPIT software (CODESYS 3.5).

The PROFINET ports are switched for use as a line configuration enabling the controller to function as an I/O device connected to a PROFIBUS master. The two Ethernet ports can be used in a switched configuration or separated and support other protocols such as EtherCat and Sparkplug (with additional licenses).

Other features of the 705-8215 controller include:

•           A USB-A port with removable memory to extend memory capabilities of the controller;

•           A high-speed processor for complex applications;

•           A large on-board memory plus SD card slot;

•           A built-in web server; and

•           A CANopen port that allows connection to other devices on a CAN network.


This controller can be used for multiple applications and is available now. For more information, visit