Emerson will be hosting integrated learning sessions that cover the utilization of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant. Each session will span two days and run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (EDT). Dates and locations are as follows:  

• Jan. 16–17, 2019: Atlanta

• January 30–31, 2019: Orlando, Florida

• Feb. 13–14, 2019: Rancho Cordova, California

• Feb. 27–28, 2019: Elmsford, New York

• March 13–14, 2019: Cudahy, Wisconsin

Emerson’s integrated learning sessions are designed to help keep service technicians, manufacturers, and end users informed about best practices, regulatory changes, emerging technologies, and industry trends.

“It’s so crucial to stay as informed as possible in today’s HVACR industry,” said Andre Patenaude, director, food retail marketing and growth strategy, cold chain, Emerson. “The industry moves faster every day, and things are changing at a rapid pace. Participating in instructor-led learning sessions like this helps prepare our customers for whatever challenges they may be facing.”

The CO refrigeration integrated learning sessions will aim to help attendees differentiate among new terminology in CO refrigeration (transcritical, supercritical, subcritical, flash gas), properly map cascade and transcritical booster systems, optimize efficiency in warm ambient environments, and more.

Registration is available online and requires a fee of $700, which covers all course materials, breakfast, and lunch. Online registration is currently open at https://education.emerson.com.