Wilo has updated its selection software, the Wilo Selector powered by Intelliquip®. Users now have access to a consolidated platform for the building services and groundwater product lines. The platform allows for the selection of a pump based on requirements entered by the user and will generate pricing and performance documents for the appropriate pump or booster system. Additionally, the selector has the ability to save multiple pumps to a single project and create a combined project document which includes all of the individual pump documents.

The website has a responsive design and allows access to the platform from any device, such as a laptop, cell phone, or tablet. It offers two versions of the selection tool, an advanced selector and an abbreviated selection option, called Quick Select. The Quick Select feature requires only the head and flow in order to make a selection and is an added tool for efficiency.

Selection for water management products is still available via Wilo Select 4, however, Wilo is working to migrate all products to the new platform and will release further information as the software is updated.