Advanced Thermal Hydronics has released the KN-Series Plus condensing boilers. The boilers are built off the foundation of the KN-Series and incorporate all of the original features along with increased efficiencies.

The company says the new boilers are ideal for “green” building initiatives and LEED projects providing thermal efficiency ratings that meet or exceed federal and state requirements for performance and/or rebate incentives. To achieve these efficiencies, the KN-Series Plus utilizes a newly designed hydrophobic coated finned stainless steel heat exchanger to work in concert with the existing high efficiency cast-iron heat exchanger resulting in a high-performance boiler. By using finned stainless steel tubes the KN-Series Plus has increased heat transfer area to maximize efficiency while keeping the same small footprint. The KN-Series Plus is a full variable flow water-side condensing boiler, allowing easy integration into variable flow primary boiler systems, said officials. The KN-Series Plus is also certified for use with PVC and Polypropylene vent materials. The boilers are backed by a 25-year heat exchanger warranty.

-- Advanced Thermal Hydronics