ICE AIR will continue to conduct “lunch and learns” at engineering firms for the remainder of 2018. The company says these events help engineers explore the latest developments in the HVAC industry while offering creative solutions to the increasing challenges engineers face in developing pro-active heating and cooling solutions to their projects.

ICE AIR’s lunch and learns are designed to present information and introduce products that provide engineers with new insight into the industry and products. Discussion of various case histories where ICE AIR products were used is intended to address challenges and offer viable HVAC alternatives that help engineering professionals meet and exceed the HVAC requirements.

“Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with engineering professionals is one of ICE AIR’s top priorities,” says Mo Siegel, ICE AIR’s president and co-CEO. “Our presentations provide engineers with solutions to address specific HVAC challenges, and in return, we receive valuable feedback on our products from attendees. We are very excited to be conducting these events, and are grateful for the continued support of our engineering audience.”

ICE AIR’s products are the main focus of lunch and learn events. During lunch and learn presentations, the audience is introduced in detail to ICE AIR’s heating and cooling units for replacement, retrofit or new construction, including PTACs, water source heat pump units, single package vertical air conditioner and heat pumps, hybrid water cooled AC conditioners, fan coil units, and more.

“Engineers in our presentations were thrilled with some of the concepts being discussed, since the ideas and technology are unique,” said Ric Nadel, ICE-AIR’s co-CEO and chairman. “Not everyone can be an engineer, but discussion of cutting-edge advancements benefits everyone — professionals and consumers alike. ICE AIR is proud to be part of that conversation.”

For more information on ICE AIR’s lunch and learn presentations, or to register, contact Bryant Elder, director of business development, at 914-704-4225 or