Mestek Inc., through its subsidiary Radiant Advantage Designs LLC, has purchased the radiant ceiling products and certain physical assets of Barcol-Air USA Ltd. of Oxford, CT. It has also exclusively licensed certain radiant designs and intellectual property of BARCOL-AIR GROUP of Schwerzenbach, Switzerland for manufacture and sale in North America. 

Founded in 1979, Barcol-Air Group is a manufacturer of radiant ceilings, hybrid systems, and ventilation components. Barcol-Air Group intends to focus on its continuing development of radiant solutions for the European market. Mestek officials said the company is very pleased that it will have the chance to build on the work of Barcol-Air USA in developing radiant ceilings and related products for the North American HVAC markets.  

Mestek, headquartered in Westfield, MA, is a diversified manufacturer of HVAC, architectural, and metal forming products with manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, Canada, and China. Some of the company's HVAC brands include Sterling, Vulcan, Dadanco, L J Wing, Airtherm, RBI, and many others.

The Barcol-Air radiant products for North America will be further developed, applied, and manufactured at Mestek’s operations in Westfield. Mestek is hoping to work with Barcol-Air USA’s network of independent sales representatives to grow this business. Mestek and Barcol-Air Group are also exploring other mutually beneficial opportunities for technical and business collaboration.