ASHRAE announced the launch of a new, redesigned version of its website at The organization said the website offers quick and easy access to essential information and simplified navigation through mega-menus.

ASHRAE’s redesigned website features a device-responsive layout to support viewing on smartphones, tablets, and desktop/laptop computers. The new search is powered by Amazon Elasticsearch Service. The new search includes thousands of relevant results from other ASHRAE sites such its bookstore, eLearning platform, and Technology Portal.

“Visitors are now able to move seamlessly between learning, planning, and participating online,” says Jeff Littleton, executive director of ASHRAE. “We are excited about the possibilities that this website will provide to our visitors.”

The new website offers users a customized experience with IP targeted content, which provides the opportunity for locally-targeted content based on a website visitor’s location. ASHRAE officials said this feature will continue to evolve over time as content is made available.

“This redesign benefits all of our members and partners whether they are engineers, contractors, architects, manufacturers, educators, and others whose work is linked to the global built environment," said ASHRAE President Bjarne W. Olesen. "Our website visitors want to quickly find the information they need, whether they are searching from their desk or from a smartphone. We believe that this website speaks vividly to ASHRAE’s leadership in the industry as well as the passionate support of our members."

The website roll out will take place on a limited basis with continuously expanded content becoming available over time.