Extech Instruments launched the SDL700 Pressure Meter and Datalogger. The new handheld meter is designed to measure and monitor pressure conditions in HVAC systems as well as in process control and compressor control systems in industrial settings. The company says the new meter offers users a rugged design with flexible programming configurations and the convenience of datalogging readings in Excel format directly onto an SD card.

The SDL700 operates in three ranges: 30, 150, and 300 psi using corresponding transducers (available separately). Plus, the pressure meter expands its measuring capabilities with a range of 10 measurement units including bar, psi, kg/cm², mmHg, inHg, mH₂O, inH₂O, atm, hPA, and kPA.

As part of Extech’s SDL datalogging instruments family, the SDL700 records directly to a Microsoft Excel® file, eliminating error-prone file conversions or imports, and making it possible to perform data analysis or prepare reports at a later time or at another location. The backlit display indicates real-time measurements while data can also be saved to a 4 GB SD card (included) for transfer to a laptop or PC. Sampling rates can be set from once every second to nearly once every nine hours. Up to 20 million readings can be stored on one SD card. Up to 99 readings can also be recorded manually in onboard memory.

--Extech Instruments