Quantech™ has added QCC2 and QCC3 air-cooled, scroll-compressor condensing units for applications ranging from 15 to 160 tons to its portfolio of ready-to-ship products. The condensing units are designed for pairing with indoor air handlers using direct expansion (DX) evaporator coils. Quantech QDC condensers and QDCF fluid coolers are also available for air conditioning and refrigeration applications as high as 2,890 MBH.

QCC2 (15 to 80 tons) and QCC3 (80 to 160 tons) units are designed for outdoor installation on a roof or at ground level. Mounted on a solid base of heavy-gauge, galvanized steel, each unit includes hermetic scroll compressors, an air-cooled condenser, and a weather resistant microprocessor control center. Units are completely piped and wired at the factory and are shipped ready for immediate installation. Only the liquid and suction lines to the evaporator coil, the filter drier, the thermo-stat wiring and the main power connection are required to complete the installation. Standard features include BAS communications and high-ambient kit to 125°F (52°C). Options include hot-gas bypass and low-ambient kit to 0°F.

Quantech QDC air-cooled condensers (175 to 2,280 MBH) are suitable for a wide range of air conditioning or refrigeration applications. Built for outdoor installation, company officials said the QDC condensers can be applied with any compressor using halocarbon refrigerants and can be dry-shipped for use with R-22.