Celseon increases customer even further by covering the same capacity range (as conventional AE condensing units) with fewer models, less complexity, and more flexibility.

Celseon’s modular construction is built around a common base plate that accommodates an assortment of Tecumseh AE compressor models and standardized components. Shaded pole fan motors are supplied as standard equipment, and service valves and liquid line receivers are available as options. Simplified fastening methods have been incorporated into the design thereby reducing assembly time and improving product quality. This translates to shorter lead times, less inventory, and greater flexibility.

Celseon’s initial offering is designed for use with refrigerants R134a, R22, and R404A/R507, covering a capacity range from 1/6th to 1/3rd horsepower for commercial/high temperature applications and from 1/5th to 1/3rd horsepower for low temperature applications. The compact design works well in space restricted applications. In all but a few cases, Celseon condensing units have a smaller size envelope in comparison to standard AE units.

Celseon’s molded fan shroud directs air flow across the entire coil surface, optimizing system performance and ensuring that cabinet temperatures are maintained at extreme operating conditions. The fan shroud assembly can be easily removed to facilitate coil cleaning and fan motor replacement. Sweat connections and electrical screw terminations are standard on every Celseon condensing unit, saving time and money.