NEBB’s Fume Hood Testing Committee has released the latest version of Procedural Standard for Fume Hood Performance Testing. 

The purpose of the new, second edition of this standard is to establish a uniform and systematic set of criteria for the performance testing of fume hoods.  Similar to the other NEBB disciplines, the Procedural Standard serves as the anchor for the program. According to NEBB, fume hoods and other safety control environments, such as bio-safety cabinets, offer a distinct set of challenges to the firms and individuals testing the field performance of these specialized containment enclosures.

“The new edition of the Fume Hood Procedural Standard reflects the latest methods and technology in the industry,” said Mike Kelly, NEBB fume hood committee chairman. “We anticipate that it will be a valuable guide for those performing and specifying fume hood testing and will serve to enhance the quality of the work performed.”

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