Extech Instruments has released the new SD900 and SD910 3-channel DC current and DC voltage dataloggers. The new data recording instruments are optimized for extended monitoring of milliamp (SD900) and millivolt (SD910) signals throughout a commercial, industrial, or residential facility. The company says the new dataloggers can be used throughout a site to monitor diverse process systems regulated or monitored using milliamp (e.g., 4-20mA) or millivolt signals (e.g., controls, controller electronics, indicators). Extended monitoring can help reveal problems in complex HVAC environments.

Company officials also said the datalogging instruments offer flexible programming configurations and the convenience of datalogging readings in Excel format directly onto an SD card. Both the SD900 and SD910 feature a large, backlit triple display, showing all three readings simultaneously. The SD900 logs DC current from 0 to 20mA with high resolution (0.01mA). The SD910 records DC voltage in one of two ranges, 0-300.0 mV with 0.1mV resolution or 0-3000mV with 1 mV resolution.

--Extech Instruments