Quantech has expanded its line of QTC4 Air-Cooled Variable-Speed-Drive Screw Chillers to a total of 21 models ranging from 150 to 360 tons. With the expanded line, Quantech officials said many models are in-stock ready to ship within three to five days to enable immediate chiller replacement.

The company claims its QTC4 line (150-360 tons) employs advanced variable-speed technology to deliver market-leading part load efficiency (IPLV or NPLV) while meeting or exceeding ASHRAE 90.1-2013 full load efficiency standards. The variable-speed drive capability enables 25% to 50% energy savings. It also dramatically cuts sound levels at off-design conditions by up to 16 dBA. An advanced hybrid falling-filling-type evaporator and microchannel-type condenser optimize heat transfer and minimize the refrigerant charge.

To minimize pump energy consumption, QTC4 chillers can be utilized in variable primary flow (VPF) systems which reduce the chiller flow to match the load. QTC4 options include variable-speed-drive (VSD) condenser fans to further enhance part-load efficiency and reduce part-load sound. Native communications capability supports BACnet (MS/TP), Modbus, and N2 with optional support for LON communications.

In addition to QTC4 variable-speed-drive air-cooled screw chillers, the Quantech line includes QTC2 (15-50 tons) and QTC3 (55-200 tons) air-cooled scroll chillers, plus QWC3 (50-200 tons) water-cooled scroll chillers.