Extech Instruments has launched the new CO230 Indoor Air Quality Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitor. Designed for use in a wide range of building applications ranging from schools to workplaces, the tabletop/wall-mount monitor can alert occupants to issues such as dizziness, headaches and fatigue resulting from inadequate ventilation by measuring and tracking carbon dioxide (PPM), temperature (°F/°C) and humidity (RH%).

Technicians can use the CO230 to identify and validate air quality problems when occupants complain about stuffy air or when reduced productivity is reported due to too-hot or too-cold work areas. Using the CO230 can alert technicians, for example, when a fresh air intake system is not operating correctly and may need adjustments or repairs.
The CO230 features a large, three-way display with carbon dioxide (PPM), temperature (°F/°C) and humidity (RH%). Users can program high and low alarm thresholds that will trigger both a visible flashing LED alarm and an audible ~80dB beeping alarm. Plus, an external relay jack expands the monitor’s alarm capability to activate external devices like remote alarms or ventilation controls.

In addition to tracking minimum and maximum values of its three key readings, the IAQ monitor provides psychrometer capabilities by calculating dew point and wet bulb values. For added insights on air quality over the course of a workday for example, the meter can provide an eight-hour time weighted average (TWA) snapshot of carbon dioxide readings. For occupational health and industrial hygiene managers, a 15-minute short term exposure limit (STEL) function monitors acceptable average exposure over a short period of time. This is useful when diagnosing abnormal CO2 spikes that might occur briefly or intermittently.