Trane has added a new compact vertical blower coil to its terminal products portfolio. Available as a single-zone VAV system with Tracer™ UC400 controllers, the company claims the blower coil can deliver up to 66% higher efficiency, temperature stability, quiet operation and dehumidification advantages for varying-occupancy space.

Trane Single Zone VAV systems combine electronically commutated motors (ECM) and factory programmed variable speed controllers that adjust the speed of the unit’s motor and its air volume to meet unique load requirements in various spaces of a building. Because it precisely matches load requirements, the motor’s variable speed technology is ideal in partial load conditions.

Additional flexible design and configuration options include simple or complex controls, coil options and piping packages. Terminal products also feature soft ramp technology that slowly increases and decreases fan speeds, adjusting to maintain temperature settings while dehumidifying the air. This improves indoor air quality by reducing the potential for mold or harmful bacteria in the building. Soft ramp technology also improves system acoustics by providing minimum air volume and eliminating noisy on and off cycling.