Marketair Inc. has introduced RoughinBox™, a plastic terminal box designed for expediting the rough-in of linesets, condensate hoses, and electrical/communication cabling for wall-mounted minisplit and VRF evaporator installation. According to the company, the RoughinBox reduces rough-in time by creating a central point with dedicated ports at which linesets, condensate hoses, and electrical/communication cabling can safely and easily terminate. Once the RoughinBox is installed, piped and wired; the surrounding wall area is ready for future sheetrock installation, painting, and minisplit evaporator connection.

The patent-pending RoughinBox comes in two models — the 14.5-in by 10-in RBX1-CD-NC bottom drain version for high wall installations; and the 14.5-in x 7-in side drain version with a lower profile suitable for restricted spaces above doors and windows where bottom drainage isn't possible. Both models are constructed of high-density, blow-molded black polyethylene, which is seamless and waterproof. They have four adapters for fastening securely into metal or wooden wall studs at 16-in-centers.

RoughinBox includes a one-year warranty and is certified for fire-rated walls when used with fire barrier putty pads. A removable rear panel provides an optional access opening for maintenance, replacements or repairs.