Viega solutions are now included in Revit, a design software which provides building information modeling tools. The company’s products are also included on AutoCAD® MEP software for drafting, designing, and documenting building systems.

Revit and AutoCAD MEP are the most recent building design programs to use Viega solutions. AutoCAD MEP is used by mechanical contractors to design their systems prior to installation and generate material lists. Among many other purposes, Revit can be used to complete 3-D building designs for piping, ducts, and other materials. Other uses include creating building performance renderings for sales presentations.

“These programs help determine any potential issues that may arise during installation on a job before they can occur,” said Jason McKinnon, director of technical services for Viega. “This reduces the need for change orders as well as trade interference. Much like Viega’s solutions, these programs are meant to save time and money for jobs in the building design and construction industries.”

Programs like Revit and AutoCAD MEP are a part of Viega’s CAD and BIM download library and provide free drawings and models for a number of applications. Viega’s own Technical Services Department offers training, technical support, and design services for nearly any type of plumbing, radiant, and fire protection project. Viega also offers solutions such as LoopCAD, a radiant design and drawing software preloaded with Viega components and installation methods, as well as apps which provide supplemental readings and estimators.

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