MovinCool has published a guide that aims to help buyers invest in the right portable cooling solutions for the workplace. The white paper, “Portable Spot Air Conditioners: Determining Total Cost of Ownership,” explains what buyers need to know when comparison shopping.

“This easy-to-read report gives prospective buyers the information they need before they commit valuable resources,” said MovinCool Sales Manager David Keller. “As the manufacturer that pioneered spot air conditioners to meet the cooling needs of our own automotive parts factories, we’re eager to share our expertise.”

The company says a well-built spot air conditioner requires no maintenance other than a periodic cleaning, should be easy to install, and offers years of trouble-free service.

“Quality is crucial,” Keller said. “Our guide includes a comprehensive checklist of what details to look for to ensure buyers are getting a reliable unit and not one prone to failures, repairs, and lost productivity that drives up costs.”

To download a pdf of the guide, visit: