Roberts-Gordon LLC recently reintroduced the GORDONRAY® DF two-Stage, unitary low-intensity infrared heater. Due to the ability to fire at two distinct rates, the company says its GORDONRAY® DF provides energy efficient heat that can effectively adjust to sudden high heat-loss conditions or economically maintain steady comfort levels. This dual-stage heater connects to a two-stage thermostat that uses an algorithm to control the heater’s output based on load conditions. If the thermostat does not sense a temperature rise during a heat cycle, it will prompt the GORDONRAY® DF to operate in high fire. Once a steady heat rise is sensed, the heater will then go to low fire until the call for heat is met. The two-stage thermostat has an internal memory that automatically adjusts the GORDONRAY® DF output to improve operation efficiency during each cycle.

The heater includes dual burner status indicator lights and eternal thermostat connection points that can also power a low-voltage thermostat.