RectorSeal® Corp. has introduced the SS1 Directional Cleanout Tool for clearing clogged debris from 3/4-in primary and secondary condensate drain lines of all air conditioner brands and sizes. The tool uses RectorSeal's Safe-T-Switch® SS1 inline overflow/shutoff switch body or any condensate drain 3/4-in PVC inline tee as an access cleanout fitting.

The ABS plastic tool fits through the top of an SS1 body after removing the electronic float switch. The L-shaped tool's 5/8-in (O.D.) ribbed nozzle fits snuggly into 3/4-in (I.D.) fittings and helps maintain a tight seal. The opposite end features a plastic female fitting that tightly connects a shop vacuum, RectorSeal's MightyPump™ drain line pump or other pressurizing device hoses.  

According to the company, the bidirectional design of the tool can position pressurization for upstream or downstream blockages. It circumvents labor-intensive jerry-rigging of a blockage dislodging tool or adapting fittings for nitrogen or CO2 cartridge drain line blow-out. It also fits condensate drain lines for most commercial air conditioning systems up to 20-tons.