NexRev LLC has introduced a new national authorized dealer network. The new business model will focus on local market distribution of DrivePak™, NexRev’s HVAC retrofit upgrade for standard rooftop units (RTUs), through established HVAC mechanical contractors.

While NexRev’s existing business model focuses on multisite retail and entertainment facilities, NexRev’s authorized dealer network will introduce DrivePak’s energy-savings strategies to new market sectors including education, government/municipality, medical, hospitality, warehousing/distribution, and commercial facilities.

“NexRev’s authorized dealer program is an exclusive program designed to increase revenue and improve margins for contractors with an established client base to serve local markets,” said Rodney D. Anthony, NexRev vice president of business development. “DrivePak is already widely adopted by the national account sector, and now qualified contractors will reap the benefits of adding this proven energy reduction strategy to their existing solution offerings.”

According to NexRev, DrivePak upgrades rooftop HVAC unit fans from constant full-speed operation to load-matching multiple speed operation which provides a consistent reduction in total energy savings while improving occupant comfort. These HVAC energy cost reductions are generating overall facility energy savings of 13% to 22% for many customers, said company officials.