International Environmental Corporation (IEC) has developed the MiniReStoraMOD™, a small and minimally invasive high-rise fan coil solution. Officials said the system allows for easy and fast replacement for hospitality, multifamily and higher education applications.

Ideal for retrofit buildings, the MiniReStoraMOD has the ability to fit into any current space by sliding into the shell of an existing unit, avoiding the need to shut down an entire riser. Furthermore, because of the ability to be installed using existing materials with minimal disruption to the existing space, the replacement minimizes the number of outside trades that need to be involved to complete renovation.

The MiniReStoraMOD is an extension to IEC’s ReStoraMOD®, a hi-rise fan coil designed specifically for hotel replacement projects, multifamily, and higher education facilities. The MiniReStoraMOD replaces most existing hi-rise fan coils with the latest in energy savings and IAQ features, including optional ECM, closed cell insulation, as well as minimized disturbances to surrounding wall and finishes.