Fresh-Aire UV says it has introduced the industry's first UV light system designed for eliminating unhealthy, maintenance-intensive biological contaminants in healthcare industry compact countertop ice flakers and water dispensers.

The dark and moist interiors of nursing station countertop ice flakers' create an optimal environment for unsanitary slime, mold, bacteria, and virus growth that may result in contaminated patient ice and failed health code inspections. However, the Ice UV Mini's ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) light technology works silently 24/7 eliminating slime and other biological contaminants from condensate drains and other countertop ice and water dispenser interiors.

According to Fresh-Aire, the UV's 254-nanometer UV-C lamp has a specially-designed low intensity discharge that won't damage sensitive ice flaker plastic or metal internal parts. Also, it offers a healthier, ozone-free alternative to toxic, odorous, and corrosive cleaning chemicals.