Technical Systems (TSI), a division of RAE Corporation, has released the new Adiabatic Pre-cooling Evaporative X-change (APEX™) cooling technology. The company reports the APEX combines evaporative cooling technology with the simplicity of air cooling to deliver low-maintenance, highly efficient cooling systems. APEX is ideal for data centers, hospitals, colleges and universities, and more.

While evaporative cooling is more efficient than air cooling in hot temperatures, it is associated with high water usage and treatment costs. APEX technology maximizes efficiency by only utilizing evaporative cooling technology when ambient air temperatures are high enough to render air cooling inefficient. During all other times, pre-cooling with evaporative technology is not needed and the water supply can be shut off. The APEX design therefore reduces operating costs by optimizing water usage and requiring far less maintenance.

APEX technology aims to improve cooling system efficiency by as much as 30% to 40%, and requires less space than traditional cooling options. The APEX-based systems are able to run dry for as much as 85% of the year in most climates, allowing them to use up to 90% less water than other systems. In addition, the installation of APEX technology is eligible for energy rebates in many cases due to their high energy efficiency.

APEX-based systems are available with a range of optional features to further improve efficiency and reduce maintenance needs, including: a microprocessor to control the unit’s functions; acoustical packages to meet customer sound requirements; water makeup and drain controls; and more. The systems have a small footprint making them easy to install in existing buildings.