AirMotion Sciences, Inc. has introduced its new line of 16-ft through 24-ft HVLS Fans known as their Big Simple Fans™. The company says both lines of AirMotion’s HVLS fans have small, highly energy efficient motors, and are used for cooling, heat de-stratification, ventilation, and as alternatives to air conditioning in large facilities. These industrial ceiling fans aim to offer improved performance over traditional HVLS fans, but with much greater versatility to reduce energy costs and environmental stress while enhancing comfort and productivity.

Company officials claim the Big Simple Fans are lower cost, larger in size, and come with simpler features, all in a powerful yet compact and lightweight package. This new line of fans feature 3 HP motors, aluminum gear reducers, carefully matched variable frequency drives, and makes use of the company’s proprietary control software in its low voltage fan controllers to allow manual to fully automatic operation using built in temperature sensors. In addition, the Big Simple Fans have extruded aluminum blades and pitch angles that were engineered for their effectiveness in blowing air equally well upwards and downwards with low turbulence and maximum impact.

AirMotion’s original Big Smart Fans are known for their Variable Pitch Technology (VPT™), which enables their Rotatair™ composite blades to be adjusted 0 to 20 degrees, up or down, while the fan is operating. Coupled with AirMotion’s proprietary MultiMode Control Capability, users have the versatility to operate their Big Smart HVLS fans manually to fully automatically for the most effective and efficient air movement performance in their facility.