DriSteem released the newest version of its Vapor-logic® control board. The updated board includes new status LEDs for faster start-ups and easy troubleshooting functionality.

The company claims the Vapor-logic controller provides accurate relative humidity control for DriSteem humidification systems. Its web interface provides the capability to set up, view, and adjust humidifier functions via Ethernet, either directly or remotely through a network. The Vapor-logic controller also allows communication with building automation systems via BACnet®, LonTalk®, or Modbus® protocols.

This latest version of DriSteem’s Vapor-logic control board includes a multi-color LED that aims to speed up troubleshooting by indicating the presence of alarms, diagnostic messages, demand for humidification, and communication status to the keypad.

DriSteem’s Vapor-logic version 6 control board is backward compatible and has all the capabilities of Vapor-logic version 4 and 5 control boards including a USB port for easy firmware updates, as well as data backup and restore capability. The control board includes PID control that allows tuning of the system for maximum performance, and a real-time clock for time-stamped alarm and message tracking as well as automated drain and flush scheduling.