Fuji Electric has announced that they will enter the North American Uninterruptible Power System market with a new model aimed at the growing data center segment. The 480V three-phase, three-wire transformer-less UPS is based on the electronics manufacturers' proprietary Reverse Blocking IGBT technology, which the company says achieves efficiency ratings of over 97%. The UL-certified UPS7000HX-T3U Series is offered in 300, 400, and 500kVA power ratings and is built on open architecture aimed at ease-of-installation and convenient service.
The company also claims its UPS7000HX utilizes Advanced T-type Neutral Point Clamped three-level circuit topology, which is designed to provide superior efficiency and effectively reduce the total cost of ownership. By adopting the company's own patented RB-IGBT technology, they have achieved reduction in power losses, and have reduced the total number of components in the system.