DriSteem Corporation announced the addition of water treatment systems, expanding its product offerings in commercial humidification. The company claims these water treatment systems provide high purity water and can be installed with DriSteem equipment or used as stand-alone systems.

DriSteem’s industrial-quality 400 series reverse osmosis (RO) system features a front-only maintenance access that makes it easy to replace membranes and sediment filters. Plus, the Vapor-logic® controller offers BAS network communications capability and delivers comprehensive system management. Alarms quickly inform users of issues or changes for monitoring and corrective action. The According to Dri-Steem, the Vapor-logic controller makes these RO systems the first interoperable systems available, with BACnet, Modbus, and LonTalk.

DriSteem’s compact 200 series reverse osmosis system fits into small spaces, producing high purity water from tap to well water, reducing required maintenance and providing a low total cost of ownership. It includes a sediment filter as well as a dechlorinator to protect the membranes from chlorine damage. Designed specifically for DriSteem equipment, it can also be used for stand-alone operation. The 200 series system is packaged and ready to operate right out of the box.