GrayWolf has fully redesigned its AdvancedSense handheld environmental meter and now introduces the all-new AdvancedSense Pro. By connecting to GrayWolf’s range of probes, users can display and log from one up to 32 parameters simultaneously. The device can measure TVOCs, particulates, air velocity, differential pressure, and specific gases (such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, ozone, CO, NO2, NH3, H2S, SO2, NO, Cl2, HCN, etc.). The instrument incorporates an embedded Windows OS in order to provide a broad range of enhanced productivity tools.

While maintaining the same form factor and connecting to the same range of probes/sensors, almost everything else has been completely redesigned. This includes a fully updated internal embedded computer/circuitry with three times (800MHz) the processor speed. The meter also has higher resolution with a larger 3.5-in HVGA display. This allows up to 11 readings to be shown simultaneously before cycling the display and enables crisper on-board help videos.

The device also has a built in photo/video camera and a 32 GB memory for data, audio, photo, and video notes.