Dayton-041515-body.jpgDayton Lamina™ hydraulic motors feature a design that allows four-times the torque to be produced at a quarter of the speed without gear reducers. According to the manufacturer, with torque ratings comparable to larger motors, they save size, weight, and cost over larger similarly rated motors.  

These low-speed/high-torque motors feature instant forward and reverse. Six motors are available with a torque range from 0 to 656 in-lbs. and speeds from 0 to 2,255 RPM, providing the selectivity required to meet exact project parameters.  

Dayton Lamina™ hydraulic motors include a bronze-plated bearing surface, positive metal-to-metal sealing, a positive splined, drive and a matched gerotor. With only three moving parts, officials say the motors provide a longer service life, making these proven models ideal for a wide range of applications including conveyor drives, hose reel extraction, fan drives, pipe valve openers, thread core removal for plastic injection molding, box sealing equipment, undersea tool manipulators, camera manipulators in nuclear environments, EDM machines, and more.  

These motors include a main shaft that can be readily adapted by use of chuck or collet to hold tools for rotary machinery operations, such as drilling boring, reaming, and other tasks. They perform with flow rates from 1 to 8 GPM to deliver from 100 to 1,500 PSI. Parallel circuits are suggested rather than series circuits to keep back pressure below 300 PSI.