KMC-040615-body.jpgKMC Controls has announced the upcoming release of its new KMC Conquest™ BACnet® Router. The router is a key component of KMC's new Conquest line of BACnet direct digital controllers and appliances designed to connect building automation systems to the Internet of Things (IoT). The new suite of products provide system integrators and building owners with open, scalable, secure building automation solutions from a single building to enterprise-level installations.  

The BAC-5051E router features Ethernet, USB, and MS/TP connectivity options and two modes of operation. The router can be used as a normal/installed BACnet routing device that is discoverable self-reporting as a BACnet router on the network or as a technician tool with temporary network access enabled.

The company says an HTML5 graphical configuration user interface allows for fast and easy configuration on a mobile device without the need for any additional software. The product also features on-board network diagnostic tools to quickly troubleshoot and evaluate segment performance. Embedded metrics include: total number of devices, frame counts, frames in error, data frames, duplicate MAC addresses, and PFM count.