Greenheck-011315-body.jpgAccording to Greenheck, its new fully programmable energy management motor starter, Model MSEM, can be specifically adapted to the user’s needs. Available for single-phase (up to15 hp) or three-phase (up to 300 hp) commercial or industrial applications, Model MSEM features a Hand/Off/Auto keypad with LCD display to easily adjust settings. Model MSEM offers five different control inputs including two separate auto run inputs, permissive input, Emergency Shutdown and Fireman’s Override; two status outputs; under/over voltage and under/over power protection; and electronic overload for real-time current monitoring for motor protection.

For damper control, Model MSEM can be specified for 24VAC or 120VAC damper power to open the damper when the fan is commanded to start. Model MSEM also has a limit switch input to ensure that the fan does not start until the damper is fully opened. Options include ground fault protection and time delays, as well as one of four optional boards: power monitoring board, BACnet communications board, Modbus communications board, or Ethernet I/O (fault logging) board.