Greenheck-102714-body.jpgThe new Greenheck Model EAD-635, an adjustable blade louver in a 6-in deep frame, incorporates a drainable head member and adjustable drainable blades to channel water to the jambs that guide the water through vertical downspouts for escape at the sill. When open, the drainable blades provide resistance to water penetration and high volume intake and exhaust ventilation. When closed, the optional dual durometer vinyl blade-edge gaskets and stainless steel jamb seals minimize air leakage and water penetration. The adjustable blades can be controlled with manually operated hand-cranks, pull chains, and electric or pneumatic actuators. AMCA Licensed for Water Penetration and Air Performance, Model EAD-635 has the highest intake volume (cfm) in its class and is ideally suited for warehouse distribution facilities, according to the company.