berner-100614-body.jpgBerner International Corp. has introduced a patented Venturi-style heater design, which the company says will offer a more aerodynamic, electric heated air curtain with improved air performance efficiency by up 40%  The VTH electric heater combines a hemispherical heating element array with an innovative mounting strategy at the blower inlet. The patented design uses the Venturi effect to draw air through the heating element via the blower inlet before it enters the discharge airstream. The discharge airstream velocity remains unobstructed in a near 100% efficient heat transfer, full laminar pattern for an optimum aerodynamic performance. Company officials said that this creates a near perfect environment-separating air seal across any open doorway while providing auxiliary heat, as needed.

The efficiency is contrary to prior conventional air curtain industry construction where the placement of heating elements in the air discharge causes a significantly inefficient disruption of the airstream's velocity, volume, and uniformity (VVU). The VTH's four-bolt mounting design is combined with quick-disconnect electrical terminals for simple maintenance or replacement accessibility.

Complementing the hemispherical design, the VTH includes a single plane heating element array mounted entirely across the blower's opposing inlet not obstructed by the blower or motor shaft.  
The VTH is available in Berner's industrial VS Series and In-Ceiling Mount Series air curtains. It comes in a range of 8kW to 70kW and voltages of 208V, 240V, 480V and 575V.  Berner also offers optional natural gas, hot water, or steam coils for air curtain heating.