Berner International has released the RevolvAir™ air curtain system for revolving doors. The Revolvair is specifically-sized to fit each revolving door’s diameter, configuration, and brand. It creates a separating air barrier at the building’s conditioned interior by blocking unwanted exterior air trapped within the moving door sections. Therefore, lobby entrances are protected from outdoor air elements, fumes and odors infiltration from the moving sections, as well as through the revolving door assembly’s gaskets and seal gaps. The Revolvair features Berner’s patented Intelliswitch™ digital controller. The Intelliswitch can operate as a stand-alone air curtain controller or it can be interlocked with any BMS. The Intelliswitch has a time clock, time delay and built-in thermostat, 10-speed fan control and other integrated features to help end users customize their air curtain functions.