SkeleCore.jpgDuctSox has added the SkeleCore Pull-Tight™ to its SkeleCore™ line of internal framework systems for fabric duct air dispersion. Pull-Tight is a solution for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings requiring the benefits and performance of textile HVAC duct, but without the sagging, wrinkling, movement, and sound associated with conventional non-tensioned fabric duct.

Pull-Tight is a patent-pending product utilizing a combination of tensioning baskets and internal hoops to support, streamline, and tension the fabric system. Pull-Tight is suspended from either a tension cable or track suspension system. The tensioning locks, which are attached to the tensioning baskets and suspension system, tighten and lock the fabric externally into a taut, smooth appearance, versus the internally tensioned, premium-grade SkeleCore Fabric Tensioning System (FTS).

The powder-coated steel tensioning Baskets are positioned at multiple locations throughout the system, typically located at the opposite ends of fabric sections and at intermediate points for extended lengths. Maximum tensioned section lengths are 40 ft. Tensioning baskets consist of two universal, 360-degree, multi-spoked rings spaced apart by a 29-in-long, 7/8-in-diameter aluminum connecting tube.  Factory-installed internal hoops are spaced every five ft to eliminate mid-length drooping. Tensioning basket ring and hoop sizes match their respective fabric duct diameters, which range from 8 to 60 in in 2-in increments in the SkeleCore line. The tensioning baskets and locks are field-adjusted by installers to streamline a perpetually-inflated, wrinkle-free appearance even during idle air handling unit periods. Pull-Tight also eliminates popping rollout sounds and other fabric movements during AHU start-ups.  

Warranties range from 10 to 15 years depending on inlet velocities and fabric model choices.