Emerson-031014-body.jpgEmerson Network Power says its Liebert® HPC-S Chiller is now available around the globe. The company claims the freecooling chiller enables small- to medium-size data centers to achieve breakthrough efficiency by creating an end-to-end chilled water system with integrated controls that can help dramatically lower the facility’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating.

Optimized to supply chilled water to indoor data center thermal management equipment, the Liebert HPC-S Chiller features integrated freecooling technology that is more effective than air economizers and mitigates the operational limitations and concerns commonly associated with the technology, said Emerson officials. The unit’s freecooling mode allows it to cool water using less energy by reducing compressor usage when the external ambient temperatures are below the chilled water return temperature.

The Liebert HPC-S Chiller has the additional advantage in data center applications of reliable operation below 0ºF. The freecooling chiller employs an optimized design with over-sized components that enable it to operate at higher outdoor ambient temperatures thereby maximizing time available for economizing operation.