Goodway-120213-body.jpgThe CoilPro CC-400HF from Goodway provides a solution to cleaning thick evaporator and condenser coils. According to the company, there is either too much pressure that damages coils and fins or too little water volume to get through the thick coils. Goodway officials claim the CoilPro has 400 PSI cleaning power with patented tip technology that is safe on coil fins, while the 3 GPM+ flow rate powers through the thickest and dirtiest coils. The CoilPro CC-400HF operates on AC power and connects to a .75-in water line for continuous operation. It offers special siphon technology to draw from CoilShine, Goodway’s expanding foam detergent, or other non acidic cleaners, laying on a thick layer of foam and then using the CC-400HF patented technology to remove dirt, grime, and biological matter from coils.