Alfa-Laval-061713-body.jpgThe Diabon plate heat exchangers from Alfa Laval combine the high-efficiency heat transfer benefits of conventional plate heat exchangers with the corrosion resistance of Diabon graphite material. Diabon is a dense, synthetic resin-impregnated high-quality graphite with a fine and evenly distributed pore structure, and is suitable for use with corrosive media up to 390°F. The new, larger Diabon S15 can replace one or several shell-and-tube or block heat exchangers, resulting in fewer units, less pipework, and lower installation costs. The company says the Diabon S15 also combines high turbulence and counter-current flow to offer maximum heat recovery, which in turn allows for significant energy savings. Engineered to considerably reduce the need for maintenance, cleaning and service, the Diabon S15 features a special plate pattern that reduces fouling and maintenance, accessible plates for easy cleaning, and less downtime due to the corrosion-resistant Diabon graphite plates.