The Beckett AquaSmart® Wireless Temperature Module (WTM) is a two-part accessory for the AquaSmart boiler control. It adds outdoor reset capability to the AquaSmart control by overriding the control’s built-in HeatManager algorithm when installed. The wireless feature makes installation easy by eliminating mounting location limitations for the outdoor sensor and the need to run wires outside.

Outdoor Temperature Reset (OTR) settings like reset ratio and boost have been made easier to adjust and are accessible through the AquaSmart control’s backlit LCD digital display. The WTM is backwards-compatible with all existing AquaSmart controls. The WTM may provide additional fuel savings over the built-in HeatManager algorithm with the addition of a warm weather shutdown feature that can disable the low limit. It is ideal for installations with high indirect domestic hot water demands or a large water mass (such as radiant in-floor heating)..

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