A new twist to Expo week in Dallas last January was the first ControlTrends Awards (CTA). Stromquist & Company sponsors these new honors to reward innovation and performance (and they maintain a fairly active website at http://controltrends.org), and ES was one of the media sponsors for the debut contest and ceremony.

Most but not all of the awards were for products. Werner Buck, former president of Belimo, received the CTA inaugural Hall of Fame Award for “his outstanding professional and community contributions.”

Buck also took home the Petock Award, given annually to a deserving member of the HVAC industry and named after Mark Petock, who did a lot of good work at Tridium before moving to his current position at Lynxspring.

Anyway, these cover a lot of ground and many companies, so I wanted to share the full list of ControlTrends Awards 2012 winners with you.


Variable Frequency Drive of the Year

Honeywell Smart VFD


Thermostat of the Year

Viconics VT7600 Series


Commercial Product of the Year

Belimo Energy Valve


Automation Graphic Tool of the Year

DGLux by DGLogik


Building Energy Management Application

Johnson Controls Panoptix


Building Automation Controller of the Year

Easy IO-30P-SF


Vendor Technical Support Company of the Year



Building Automation System of the Year



Commercial HVAC Control Vendor of the Year



Most Valuable Support Person of the Year

James Johnson, Vykon

Barry Gordon, ACI


Person of the Year

Passion, Integrity, Dedication Award

Roger Rebennack, Honeywell


HVAC Executive of the Year

Chris Eichmann, Johnson Controls

Mike Keller, Honeywell



As the saying goes, it’s nice when good things happen to good people. After 13 years, ES is losing our managing editor, Caroline Fritz. The big upside is that she’s leaving to become editor of Mission Critical Magazine here at BNP Media. On the other hand, she has been a friendly presence, valued fellow editor, and critical contributor to the magazine’s month-to-month success for the past 150 issues or so.

Those of you with relevant responsibilities and interests should check out Mission Criticalif you’re not already. Back here, we carry on and thank Caroline for everything she’s done.