In no particular order, here’s another sampler to whet your Expo appetite. Note the booth numbers, drop by to ask follow-up questions to your heart’s content, and tell ’em we sent you.



Lochinvar’s (#2933) CREST® condensing boiler is now available with inputs up to five million Btuh. In addition, Lochinvar has also expanded the line to include a dual-fuel gas train and has updated select models to offer lower de-rate numbers for high altitude applications. CREST continues to sweep the industry with its firetube technology integrated with the Smart Touch™ operating control.  Offering thermal efficiencies as high as 99%, the newly extended CREST line brings exceptional energy-efficiency and design flexibility to the largest commercial applications.

Hurst Boiler (#2605) is introducing its line of high efficiency integrated boiler control systems, featuring graphical visualization and information. Each system provides PLC control, VFDs, and HMI interfaces devices. The FireMaster controls option fits all gas/oil package products and provides real-time monitoring of operational status, informative alarm annunciation, and trending to augment the standard controls. The OXYMaster moves the deaerator’s controls to a new level, gathering and displaying information about the effects of feedwater oxygen reduction and temperature control. The FEEDMaster is designed to gather information and control feedwater where less water tempering is required.

Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley’s  (#493) new P-K MACH® dual-fuel condensing boilers help keep you running even in emergency situations. These high-efficiency condensing boilers can be changed from natural gas to propane simply by flipping a switch. The company’s line of P-K MACH® boilers is now available in three NEW models: MC300 (300,000 Btuh), MC399 (399 Btuh), and MC500 (500 Btuh). These boilers were designed with a 40% smaller footprint and improved serviceability when compared to previous models. Available in a floor standing or wall hung, making P-K the “just right” solution for many different applications.



Spirax Sarco (#3927) will showcase its RediHeat instantaneous water heater, which is designed with a unique feed-forward temperature control system to instantly produce hot water within +/-4°F of the set temperature under widely varying demands. The RediHeat features a spiral tubed helical heat exchanger for efficient heat transfer in a compact space. The rugged casing and bourdon tube configuration allows the entire assembly to expand and contract without localized stressing, ideal for intermittent cycling common with domestic hot water applications.

Rheem-Ruud’s (#2912) H2AC™ rooftop unit features eSync™ Integration Technology and delivers air conditioning and water heating from a single source. This system takes the heat removed by the HVAC system and uses it as an efficient source for heating water. The H2AC rooftop unit is able to pre-heat a facility’s cold water supply to as much as 125°F — which substantially reduces water heating costs. While Rheem designed the H2AC Rooftop Unit for full-service restaurants, the system can meet the needs of any commercial setting that requires large daily demands for hot water and air conditioning.



Reversomatic Manufacturing Limited (#2239) will highlight its Deluxe Series self-balancing HRV/ERVs at the AHR Show. The unit’s features include automatic electronic air balancing, which is built into every unit; and a unique tilted core design, which ensures maximum drainage to improve efficiency. Overall unit size is 27¾  in. in width by 21 in. deep by 9 in. in height. HRVs are available with aluminum or polypropylene cores while the ERV is available with enthalpy core. Airflow rates range from 45 to 95 cfm during normal operation, with a maximum cfm of 125.



ONICON’s (#925) F-3500 insertion electromagnetic flowmeter will be showcased at the Expo. The F3500 features high accuracy and reliability and a two-year, no-fault warranty. The company says that the flowmeter combines everything customers love about its insertion turbine meter, but without the moving parts.



Tecumseh (#1945) will introduce its Celseon low profile indoor air cooled fractional horsepower condensing units. The new units are nearly a full inch lower in height than the current Celseon product offering, allowing greater space for refrigerated goods. Celseon units provide all the features and benefits of its standard offerings including the same width and length footprint but at a reduced total height of 8.9 in. Celseon’s modular construction is built around a common base plate that accommodates an assortment of Tecumseh compressor models and standardized components. Options include service valves and liquid line receivers.



Onset’s (#988) HOBO UX90 Series will be highlighted at the show. The UX90 is the industry’s lowest-cost, most comprehensive family of “time-of-use” dataloggers, with measurements including motor on/off status, electronic pulses, state changes, and occupancy and light use patterns. UX90 loggers offer a large LCD display, a signal-strength indicator, large memory capacity (84k or 346k) for longer deployment with fewer site visits, a USB 2.0 PC interface for full-speed data offloads, and rare-earth magnet, strap, and command-strip mounting options.

E-Mon (#5260) will showcase its E-Mon D-Mon® product line including the new Interval Data Recorder (IDR) for collecting kilowatt-hour (kWh) and demand (kW) data from up to 8 or 16 connected meters at user-selectable 15, 30, or 60-min intervals. Unlike submeters which continuously read energy usage as it occurs, IDRs collect and store meter information for later download to E-Mon Energy or other software for load profiling, demand response, more detailed comparative analysis or other function. The highly flexible IDR is available with a number of communications options including Modbus, BACnet, LonWorks and others.



ebm-papst’s (#2967) new W3GZ50 axial fan has excellent energy efficiency thanks to GreenTech EC technology, as well as extremely quiet noise behavior, simplicity of controls and exceptionally long service life. Owners get the whole package from a single source, including the motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics. For more information, visit:

Integrating an award-winning motor design that is both silent and powerful with hand-finished airfoils, the 60-in.Haiku® is certified by Energy Star® as the world’s most efficient ceiling fan. Turn it on and dare to turn it all the way up: its solid core and 13-step hand-balancing process mean it will never rattle or wobble. This sophisticated motor features seven speeds and the exclusive Whoosh™ mode — a unique algorithm that simulates the variations in natural airflow. The 60-in. Haiku is everything you expect from a Big Ass Fan® (#429), finally available in a compact package for lower ceilings.

Ziehl-Abegg (#503) will feature its new intelligent fan system that offers maximum efficiency. The ZAplus fan decreases air noise up to 50% and increases efficiency more than 20%, resulting in lower power consumption. With lower power consumption, operating costs are reduced annually by $195/unit. ZAplus is designed to bring unbeatable advantages to the market.



Motivair™ is unveiling the new Chilled Door® system for high-density server racks.  Cooling capacity is increased to 45 kW per standard rack, using 65ºF chilled water.  New, centrifugal fans with EC motors improve airflow with reduced power and noise level.  Enhanced PLC with local HMI, remote communication and full component access through the front panel.  New, fail-safe Motivair™ Leak Prevention System (LPS) shuts off water to the Chilled Door®; increases fan speed and sets the alarm for complete assurance of data center security.



The new split universal mounting kit version (“Split uKIT”) of  the AEGIS® (#725) SGR Bearing Protection Ring protects the bearings of VFD motors from electrical damage, and allows quick and easy retrofitting of the ring on virtually any AC motor shaft without decoupling attached equipment. Available from Electro Static Technology, the Split uKIT comes with a split AEGIS® ring, the halves of which are held together with a unique hinge. This hinge design allows the split AEGIS® ring to be opened on one side, then closed and fastened together with built-in adhesive-backed aluminum tabs, providing rigidity to the assembled ring. 



Advantix Systems’ (#5513) DuTreat Roof Top (DTRT 5000/30) is the first ever rooftop system to utilize liquid desiccant technology, according to the company. The DTRT unit is a factory-assembled, single-piece system and requires minimal installation. The galvanized steel wall envelop design operates using electricity alone and requires no other hookups, unlike bulky conventional HVAC rooftop units. Advantix’s innovative liquid desiccant technology is designed to offer superior economics and air quality, reducing operating costs by 30% to 40% compared to conventional vapor-compression systems and by 55% to 65% relative to desiccant wheel systems.



Bacharach’s (#1118) MGS-150 Series Gas Transmitter is a versatile gas detection system with a wide range of sensor options to provide real-time monitoring of refrigerant, combustible, and toxic gases – including ammonia and VOCs. It comes standard with user-selectable analog and digital outputs that can be set for 4-20 mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, or 2-10V; allowing them to connect directly to most BMS, SCADA or control systems. Alarm indicators include an onboard alarm LED and audible buzzer, in addition to an alarm relay for connection to external audible/visual alarms or a BMS system.

E+E Elektronik is showcasing the EE160 HVAC transmitter with Modbus RTU output. The E+E HCT01 humidity and temperature sensor used in the EE160 features outstanding protection against pollution which leads to excellent long term stability and to accuracy of ±2.5% across the entire working range. The EE160 is available for wall or duct mounting. The IP65 enclosure provides maximum protection against contamination and condensation while minimizing installation costs. A configuration kit allows for customization of the bus parameters and adjustment of both humidity and temperature. Beside the Modbus version, EE160 is available with analogue current or voltage outputs and additional passive temperature output.



Pietro Fiorentini’s (#3310) GOVERNOR line of gas regulators are designed to comply with the latest CSA and International standards for regulators suitable for indoor and outdoor installations with no modifications. The GOVERNOR family of regulators are ideal for a wide range of applications from residential through large industrial applications. The materials and soft parts used in the construction of the GOVERNOR regulators make them suitable for use with natural gas, LPG, propane air, and all other non-corrosive gases. All of the GOVERNOR regulators are equipped with a balanced valve design for high outlet pressure accuracy regardless of any inlet pressure variation.



ClimaCool (#591) will be exhibiting its SHC onDemand® - Modular Chiller. Patent-pending simultaneous heat pump and heat recovery modular chiller design eliminates need for separate heating and cooling equipment by combining into one compact unit.  Chillers occupy minimal footprint utilizing integral isolations valves; lower installation cost and provides efficiencies up to 25 EER and 5 COP. The product is available in modules from 30 to 85 tons, with bank capacity to 1,000 tons.ES