Tate-1-112612-body.jpgThe company has released the ContainAire™ containment system.

Modern raised floor data centers are design using hot aisle/coldaisle layouts. This is done so that hot exhaust air from the racks in one row is not being ingested by the intake of another rack in the next row. This equipment layout strategy is intended to help keep the hot equipment exhaust air separated from the cold air being supplied from under the raised floor. While hot/cold aisle design is a necessary first step, it often doesn’t go far enough.

Containment systems have become one of the most popular strategies for segregating hot and cold airflow and Tate's ContainAire™ is the optimum solution . Easy to install, you will see immediate results: Intake temperatures lowered and return temperatures increased, while reducing energy costs and increasing cooling capacity.

Tate offers a full range of hot and cold aisle containment products. ContainAire partition, strip doors, retracting roofs, hinged and sliding doors all work together to create the perfect containment solution to meet any data center equipment layout. Our systems are designed using fire suppression links that eliminate the need for additional detection and suppression systems allowing for easy incorporation into new and existing facilities.

A cold aisle containment system can be created using ContainAire partitions or a retracting roof. Since all the air is intended to go through the equipment a retracting roof keeps the cool air closer to the equipment. ContainAire partitions can be used around the top of the racks provided there are solid ceiling tiles in place over the aisle.